Well, we admit, it’s been a long work, due to an insufficient lack of time on all sides!

We dared to cover Lyin’ Eyes of The Eagles in our own manner and had to say a huge Thank You to Vera and Thomas who did a great support with their skills on background and harmony vocals.

One of the big surprises this work brought was Kostas wife Marija who lend us her helping hands on providing her excellent voice for background and harmony to Lyin’ Eyes. Singing is something she performed at last nearly 28 years ago when appearing on TV! Thank you Marija, it’s great to have yer with us!

Another fact which made us proud was Marijas and Kostas niece Anđelina Dobrijević! That fine and beautiful girl has got splendid artificial skills on painting and drawing. She provided The Cute Urchins with an extra work for the cover that matched the song in a top notch manner! So, hello world, here is an artist at her very start but already top leveled in her abilities and achievements! Thank you very much Anđelina for honoring us with your excellent work!

Lyin’ Eyes by The Cute Urchins will be released on April 26th 2019 and all stores will be provided with it!

Well, in the end, after all the work had been done in styr endless bows of time, coffees, cakes, beautiful eyes of the waitresses at the coffee-bar (we say thank you so much for undergoing our senseless talking!) we have to say a serious thank you to Cass County and Universal who gave approval to our version after checking the music. This is more one can expect particularly –  who are we? A little unknown band from just around the bend – The Cute Urchins!

Album next! Live music next! The band has been extended in the meantime! Introduction of all will follow within the coming weeks. And so will the program!

But don’t forget who’s takin’ yer home tonite! It’s The Cute Urchins!

We love to give you music!