Well, on Tuesday May 29th 2018 our new single “Me Oh My” had been aired for the first time. As usually it has been aired by Frank Hammer in his Country Radio Show on

Country Radio ’58!

A great bunch of thanks to you, Frank! You made it possible that we all feel like little stars. You dedicate time to us and do a lot of things when promoting us or talking ’bout us. We are truly grateful. All that you’re doing is a great job, providing us with that radio stage.

You’ve often mentioned this all goes without saying. And Frank, it does not! We know how much efforts pace by pace you and Heike are spending on bringing Country to the front! Just to there where it belongs. Without Country Music we’re going to miss heart & soul as the counterpart to our sun! All those three a-making music divine, so don’t you ever dare to fail one of them in your smile! And, with all respect, Country knows about the divine moments in each and ev’ry single one of us! Frank, you mean to us heart & soul! That sunny smile we deliver poste-haste without grumbling! Thank you both so much for your outstanding work!


And so we know about what yer all doing constantly, gallantly, excellently and driven by heart! All ye fantastic music promoters and presenters on every station all around the world! Thank you so much for your fantastic work on Indies and Stars!


After this two weeks off to the release we may say thank you to all ye listeners. And this time you even came within quickest time from across the world! From Germany to England, the US (it turned out to be our heartland!), Canada (even the French speaking areas!), Russia (twinklin’ heart!), Japan (!!) and even Turkey – that’s what we’ve never been expecting! Getting several listeners from Turkey! And that’s merely a brief overview! You all gave lots of credits, you gave us a great warm welcome. Thank you all so very much!

And here we are on spotify!

You all give peace a real chance!