Whilst Tom and me were phoning on last Tuesday eve and slipping off into boring this and thats he typed the bands name and song title into the google search box. Out came this. And this got us really excited. He found a table view of the recently most played songs on a radiostation.

What more to say? The persistent guy he is investigated the second one was played a five times in the relevant time, the first one !!! 71 times !!!.

So, please. look who’s second and then make for the first one!


Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. We’re down on our knees – meanwhile they’re branded! And it’s hard to come up!


But now have a look!

And that’s not all. On Malta Galaxy Radio Country Nr. 4 with Garth Brooks on top Nr. 1 and 3! Garth, believe me, it is a great honour to us stepping closely behind you!