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Back in the saddle

After a couple months of rest, recuperation, and reorganization, the Cute Urchins are back in the saddle. We’re currently rounding out our personnel in preparation for live shows and will also resume working on recording our first album. Stay tuned for more updates!

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The Cuties did a cover …

We never intended on making a cover, but there . Well, as the old saying goes, the exceptions prove the rule. We all know the costs of doing a cover. There’s not a lot of profit in them, nor a lot of creative freedom. Crazy idea? Well, it turns out it was not always. Our […]

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Roxanne drowns in work!

Poor but tough girl! She and her friend bought an old house and have found themselves buried in work for every hammer’s knock reveals a new trouble spot. We wish them the best of luck and greatest in managing the whole construction project. We’re sure when it’s all over they’ll have a comfortable and stable […]

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